Kevin Blackwood serves as president/owner of Black Star Energy Services, an oilfield service company based in the Permian Basin. Mr. Blackwood's responsibilities include financial oversight, business development, and management training. Prior to his role at Black Star Energy Services, Mr. Blackwood held numerous positions with ExxonMobil. In these positions, he helped improve vendor relationships, lower TRIR, increase production volumes and reduce 3rd party downtime. In 2011, Mr. Blackwood was approached by a coil tubing operator based out of Louisiana to help establish a district in West Texas. In one year, Mr. Blackwood pushed revenue for that company to over two million dollars per month, with 100% utilization of equipment and employees. In 2012, Mr. Blackwood formed Man Lift Rentals, LLC, a small rental company in Monahans, Tx.  Over the next year, ManLift Rentals, LLC expanded its portfolio by adding a completion based chemical company, Black Star Energy Services. In November 2014, Black Star Energy Services expanded its operations into a new Valve Division and Trucking Division. In May 2016, Black Star Energy Services added the Engineering Operations Division to provide Engineering, Construction Management and OOOOa Support. In August of 2016, Black Star Energy Services opened its' sixth division, Solids Control, which offers some of the best equipment and people in the industry.

“There is nothing better than growing a family owned business, while being able to employ people we consider our friends and watching those people become successful!”


Ethan Whatley has served as the Chemical Operations Manager for Black Star Energy Services since 2016.  Mr. Whatley’s primary responsibility is to manage the Chemical Division, while emphasizing quality of service, high chemical quality control, customer relationships, and the latest technology in the completion chemical market.

Mr. Whatley has over 5 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in all United States shale plays and deep-water Gulf of Mexico operations, with an extensive background in oilfield completion operations.  Mr. Whatley has increased revenue and equipment utilization of the chemical division since becoming the Chemical Operations Manager by 25%.

"Our dedication, perseverance and sacrifice has allowed us to surpass our competitors."


John T Powell has served as the Rental Operations Manager for Black Star Energy Services since 2014.  Mr. Powell’s primary responsibility is to manage the Rental Division, while emphasizing quality of service, equipment reliability, customer relationships, and promoting a safe work place.  

Mr. Powell has over 4 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, with an extensive background in oilfield equipment manufacturing.  Mr. Powell has increase revenue of the rental division by 50% over the span of 2 years, while maintaining a zero incident rate for his division.


“I believe that Black Star Energy’s incredible commitment to customer service will allow us to stand out amongst our competitors in the current oil and gas market.”



Kayla Roach has served as the Chief Financial Officer for Black Star Energy Services since 2013.  Mrs. Roach's responsibilities include company liabilities, cash flow, company performance, financial relationships, record control, budgeting, and expense control.

Mrs. Roach has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from University of Texas of the Permian Basin.  With over 12 years of experience she has gained valuable knowledge from several internships with accounting firms and key financial positions with large service companies.  


“I believe our growth was not by chance, but an accumulation of hard work and great ideas.”



Matt Payne has served as the Chemical Business Development Manager for Black Star Energy Services since 2012.  Mr. Payne’s primary responsibility is to build and maintain customer relations, while emphasizing strict service quality standards.  

Mr. Payne has 6 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.  Mr. Payne has doubled gross revenue for the chemical division since his start in 2012.  Mr. Payne has thrived in the current oil and gas market by saving his customers 30-40% on chemical and filtration costs with improved efficiency and less downtime.


“Our success is attributed to hard work, determination, and the ability to overcome obstacles.”



Joey Poe has served as the Valve Operations Manager for Black Star Energy Services since 2014.  Mr. Poe’s primary responsibility is to manage the day to day aspect of the Valve Division.  Mr. Poe believes that our customer service and strict quality control will set us apart from all other valve companies in the Permian.

Mr. Poe has 14 years of industry specific experience, with knowledge of relief valves, ball valves, control valves, production valves, thief hatch & vent valve inspections and plant lubrication.  In 2015, Mr. Poe added a thermal imaging camera service that will allow us to mitigate leaks and put our customers in Quad O compliance.  


“Our organization is based around a willingness to work hard, which is our ultimate competitive advantage.”


Audwin Gallion has served as the Valve Business Development Manager for Black Star Energy Services since 2015.  Mr. Gallion is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, and expanding Black Star’s valve and thermal imaging services into new markets.  

Mr. Gallion has a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Texas Tech University.  While operating his own business for 25 years, Mr. Gallion became proficient in people skills and problem solving.  Mr. Gallion has secured over 25 accounts since he started in 2015 and is still expanding today.

“By offering quality work and exceptional pricing Black Star Energy has set a new standard in the valve & battery maintenance sector in the Permian Basin and New Mexico.”



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