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The Chemical Division here at Black Star Energy Services serves all aspects of the oilfield from drilling, production and completion. We have skilled operators at your disposal with quality equipment on site 24 hours a day. 


Filtration Trailers

Complete with swedges, hoses, and filter pods.

Mixing Plants

Fully equipped with a self-sufficient generator, 3 pumps, actuators, jet lines, and highly skilled operators working around the clock.

Magnum Transfer Pumps

Available with 200 ft layflat hose and a diesel engine.

Filter Pods

Available by themselves, as well as upon request. Black Star Energy Services strives to improve environmental solutions using the most up to date and least harmful chemicals:

  • Friction Reducers

  • Gels

  • Polymer

  • Biocides 

  • Blue Dye

Chemical Tote Trailers

Equipped with 3 pancake pumps, an Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor with spare glad hand hose for emergency use, and each start out with the following chemical: 

  • 660 Gallons of Gel

  • 660 Gallons of Pipe on Pipe

  • 660 Gallons of Friction Reducer

Specialty Chemical is placed in the baskets at the front of the trailer. The customer is only billed for the chemical used on location.


Chemicals Available 

Friction Reducers:

Complete line up of StarFR HV's, HiVis FR's for both fresh water and up to 150k TDS Brine Tolerant Friction.


  • Blackstar High Brine

  • StarFR 100 & StarFR 50

  • Freshwater Friction Reducer

  • Blackstar Friction Reducer


StarSurf Surfactant ranging from economical to high performance nano surfactant. 

  • Clay Control 

  • CC50 & CC80

  • Scale Inhibitors 

Several chemistries available ranging from phosphonates to polyacrylates.


  • Glut/Quat Combos

  • Quats

  • THPS

  • THPC

  • TTPC

  • Dazomet

Chemicals Available

Friction Reducer Breakers:

  • Breaker HP

  • Breaker SCB


POP Torque Drag Reducers ranging from fresh water to high brine tolerance.

  • POP

  • Hydrolube

  • Graphite Based Lube

  • Gold Label


Fresh water, brine and oil tolerant foamers for frac and drill out operations.


Defoamers for frac, cement acid, and drill out applications.


Chemicals Available


Low to high temp diverter agents eliminating the need for costly nitrogen during drill outs.


  • Liquid and Powder Blue Dye

  • Liquid and Powder Red Dye

Specialty Additives:

  • TriBlend - All in one corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger, and anti-foulant.

  • H2S Scavenger

  • Oxygen Scavenger

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