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Valve Division

Black Star Energy Services Valve Division is a 24 hour a day company that always has a crew on call ​including nights, weekends and holidays. We are National Board certified and have been air, gas, liquid and DOT certified for valve testing.  


Valve Testing & Repair

Blackstar has the capabilities to service in house or out on location with our mobile valves trailer. We have the ability to test up to 30,000 PSI on all drilling rig/mud valves. Chart tests and bands area avaialbe for all valves inspected. Blackstar is a national board certified company and has been air, gas, liquid and DOT certified for valve testing.

New Valve Services

  • SCV Rep

  • Trinnion Ball Valves

  • Floater Ball Valves

  • Gate Valves

  • Pistion & Swing Check Valves

  • MTRs Always Included

Variety of Valves

  • Pressure Safety Valves

  • Ball Valves

  • Gate Valves

  • Orbit Valves


What Does Valve Service Include?

  • Plant and Field Lubrication

  • Actuator / Gearbox Repairs

  • Thief Hatch / Vent valve Inspection & Repairs  

0000a Support

We utilize the LDAR program. This is where an OGI camera is used to help locate leaks in order to do repairs for the BLM Vent and Flaring as well as NSPS OOOOa inspections.   


​Once the problem is identified, we will assist in the development of a monitoring and site specific compliance plan. 

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Frac Iron Recertification

  • Recertification level 1, 2 & 3

  • Ability to test up to 30,000 psi

  • Chart test and band for all recertifications available

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