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Spill Containment

Black Star Energy Services strives to provide the most reliable, rugged and site-specific secondary spill containment services designed for the demands of the oil field environment. Our experienced technicians provide delivery, set-up, equipment positioning, pre-fluid flow operations, cleaning and tear-down services, to avoid potential damage to equipment or the need to halt production due to unplanned repairs and cleanup activities.


Permanent Secondary Containment


  • Ameraguard Polyurea

  • Seamless liner technology designed to withstand the rigors of oil and gas construction and production.

  • No degradation due to UV or freeze/thaw cycles.

  • Resistant to chemicals found in production.

  • Puncture Resistant

  • Custom sizes to fit your needs with 27” to 36” walls.

  • 18-month limited warranty


  • Eliminates cost of soil remediation associated with leaks.

  • Extends useful life of tanks, pipes and other components residing inside the containment.

  • Designed to last the life of the storage facility.

  • Low-maintenance system minimizes the costs of surface maintenance or repairs.

  • Return to service is in as little as one hour from the time of completion.

Drive Over Containment

We offer standard and custom sizes. Our equipment and services utilize industry - leading technology and fully - customized solutions to include:​

  • Custom sized mats with drive over durability

  • Sealed seam construction

  • Third - party tested for chemical resistance, structural integrity, and extreme temperatures

  • Portable or semi - permanent applications

  • Hard wall and drive - over options available


Hard Wall Spill Containment

We use the Poly Dike MPE hard wall containment system. It has a lightweight, modular design that does not require anchoring to a substrate. It comes in

1', 2', 3' and 4' heights to accommodate any customer's requirements.​

We offer 4" - 6" options in the following sizes:

  • Small - 5' x5'

  • Medium - 12' x 20'

  • Large - 12' x 40'

  • Extra Large - 12' x 60'

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